Kombat Mine Ships First Copper Concentrate

Trigon Metals Inc. shipped its first copper concentrate from the Kombat mine in Namibia on Friday, September 29. During the September, the company said mining operations continued to perform well, providing a consistent plant feed averaging 1.2% copper in line with the mine plan.

“This is another tremendous milestone for the team at Kombat, as cash flow begins,” said Jed Richardson, president and CEO, Trigon. “Mining and milling operations are performing optimally.”

The Kombat Mill operated 23 days in September at an average daily throughput of 718 metric tons per day (mt/d), corresponding to 72% capacity. By the end of September, production ramped up to strong with steady operation consistently above 95% capacity from September 16 onwards. Trigon said it was on track to declare commercial production in the second week of October.

Copper recoveries have averaged 80.5% for the month. As production settled into steady operation from mid-September, the mill has achieved recoveries of 84.8%, in line with projected recoveries of 85%.

A total of 470 mt of concentrate was produced in September with an average concentrate grade of 35.3% copper and 345 g/mt of silver. To date, 101 mt have been shipped and shipments continue as finished concentrate at site has begun to overwhelm onsite storage facilities.

As featured in Womp 2023 Vol 11 - www.womp-int.com