Nevada Copper Accelerates Stope Production

Copper in concentrate produced at Nevada Copper Corp.ís Pumpkin Hollow project during September increased by 265% compared to August, driven by higher stope production, according to the company. Approximately 30,386 tons of ore were processed yielding 682 tons of concentrate at an average grade of 22%, resulting in approximately 150 tons of copper production.

Stoping at Pumpkin Hollow, located near Yerington, Nevada, has accelerated significantly since mid-August, with the second and third stope panels fully mined and a fourth stope panel expected to be mined soon. Further stopes are planned in October and November, and the high-grade Sugar Cube zone is also expected to begin to be mined during the fourth quarter.

September also saw the highest monthly development footage achieved since April, with a 12% increase over August. Development activities included completion of the crossing of a water-bearing dike, accessing additional stoping zones and installation of development infrastructure. A total of approximately 750 lateral equivalent feet was advanced in September.

As featured in Womp 2021 Vol 11 -