Hecla Mining Reports Q3 Silver Production

Reporting its third-quarter production figures mid-October, the largest U.S. silver miner Hecla Mining Co. said its 2.7 million ounces (oz) of silver for the quarter was down due to lower grades at Greens Creek based on mine sequencing, but the decrease was partially offset by production at the Lucky Friday mine.

“Lucky Friday and Casa Berardi both delivered strong operational quarters, with Casa Berardi increasing gold production by 13% and Lucky Friday increasing silver production by 31% over last year,” President and CEO Phil Baker said. “Greens Creek had a good quarter, but was down compared to an exceptional 2020 third quarter. The mine experienced lower grades due to the mine sequence, which was driven by manpower challenges that are being addressed through schedule changes and other means.”

At the Greens Creek mine in Alaska, 1.8 million oz of silver and 9,735 oz of gold were produced. The decrease in silver production compared to the third quarter of 2020, the fifth highest quarterly production in the mine’s history, was primarily due to mining lower grades in more easily accessible areas. The higher- grade material, which is deeper, will be mined in the future. The mill operated at an average of 2,295 tons per day (t/d). At the Casa Berardi mine in Quebec, 29,722 oz of gold were produced. The increase in gold ounces compared to the third quarter of 2020 was due to higher mill throughput and recovery as the mill optimization investments deliver results, partially offset by lower grades. The mill operated at an average of 4,328 t/d.

The Lucky Friday mine in Idaho produced 831,533 oz of silver during the quarter, an increase of 31% compared to the third quarter of 2020 when the mine had still not attained full production. The mill operated at an average of 850 t/d. At Hecla’s idled Nevada operations, 2,750 oz of gold were produced from approximately 12,000 tons of previously stockpiled refractory material processed at a third-party autoclave facility. Production from approximately 2,200 tons of previously stockpiled material processed at the third-party facility remains at the end of the quarter. Baker said Hollister’s exploration drift to drill the Hatter Graben and surface drilling at Midas were ongoing.

As featured in Womp 2021 Vol 11 - www.womp-int.com