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FELUWA Pumps Excellence in Pumps for the Mining Industry

FELUWA has developed extraordinarily comprehensive know-how
and expertise in mining pump technology. 

Unique MULTISAFE double hose-diaphragm pumps offer decisive benefits vs. traditional diaphragm pumps. At the heart of MULTISAFE pumps are two hose-diaphragms which are arranged one inside the other. They fully enclose the linear flow path of the conveyed fluid and create double hermetic sealing from the hydraulic drive end. Both hose-diaphragms are actuated by means of hydraulic fluid. In step with the piston stroke, they are subject to pulsating action, comparable with that of a human vein.

In metallurgical plants, FELUWA MULTISAFE pumps are successfully applied for high and low pressure duties, such as for autoclave feeding, sulfuric acid, thickener underflow, choke water, seal water make-up, mine dewatering or tailings disposal.

If mining and processing is done at different sites, the slurry is additionally pumped from the mine site to the processing plant through slurry pipelines.

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